The Office Space
Optimisation Platform

The Office Space
Optimisation Platform

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The Building Brain platform optimises every touch point your team have with their office environment, driving efficiency and cost saving.

Building Brain Solutions

Your premises becomes part of the team

Space Management

Building Brain makes it easy for your team to book space. Whether it is a meeting room, a hot-desk or even a parking space, Building Brain covers it all.

You can also setup defaults for guests,
or charge a fee.

Staff get more out of every day at work

Agile Working

Building Brain is the perfect platform if you want to adopt more agile working practices. Whether it is our paperless office suite which finally severs the link between office and information, or our tools that allow for seamless transition when working from home or the office Building Brain makes agile working easy.

Understand how your team work


Our platform is truly multi-premises. If you have more than one building, your team will feel at home in a further flung location as they will in their ‘home’ office.

Building Brain lets you give staff the tools they need to do a job.

Building Brain Features

Web Based Control Panel

Web Based Control Panel

iOS & Android App

iOS & Android App

Building-centric App Store

Building-centric App Store

  • Find a Colleague
  • Time Tracking
  • Room Booking
  • Desk Booking
  • Co-Working Support
  • Fully Featured API
  • Paperless Office
  • Guest Access & Groups
  • Full Communications Suite
  • Workplace Management Data
  • ‘Desk’ Phone Number Support
  • Dedicated Support Team

How we Work & Pricing

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Get started now for just $5

Building Brain installations pay

Pricing – Simple & Flexible More Info
All Inclusive
$5 per person per month
Find a Colleague
Find a Colleague Use this function to track down your colleagues within the office (privacy restrictions apply)
Communications Suite (inc. ‘Desk Phone’ number)
Communications Suite Get IM, voice and video calls on your internal network. Geographic numbers also available.
Meeting Room Scheduling
Meeting Room Scheduling Make any room bookable, and place the ability to book a room in the hands of your team.
Hybrid Meetings
Hybrid Meetings Run meetings face to face and also via video call using this core functionality.
Hot Desk Scheduling
Hot Desk Scheduling Create hot-desk locations, and make them bookable. Reservations via the mobile apps.
Calendar Integration
Calendar Integration Hot-desk and meeting booking integrates with your iCal or Google calendar.
Presentations Mode & Recording
Presentations Mode & Recording Cast directly to the meeting room ‘big screen’ from your mobile device. Requires Chromecast stick.
Workspace Management & Data
Workspace Management & Data Invaluable data about who is using what areas of your office, when and how. Includes heatmap.
Time Tracking
Time Tracking See where you (and your team; privacy settings apply) were, where and when.
3rd Party App Platform
3rd Party App Platform The BB platform supports 3rd party apps that can add value to your office work environment.
Supported Building Controls
Supported Building Controls We can integrate with almost any building system, but some are supported ‘out of the box’.
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Smart Building App Platform

  • Fully extensible platform
  • Wide range of building and context centric apps
  • Custom apps for your unique use-cases
  • Easy access for third party developers

Developer building contextually relevant software? Contact Us.

Building Brain Communications Suite

Building Brain has a comprehensive communications suite. This allows easy contact with colleagues and meeting invitees, as well as more seamless communications whether colleagues are working on site or from home.

The communications suite also provides support for external meetings, so full recording and external access to meetings from both web browser and smartphone app.


Get started now for just $5

Building Brain Quickly Saves you Money

Time Tracking

Get a feel for who is where, when. Set up alerts so you know who's in the office, and how days are being spent. Transparency like never before.

Energy Efficiency

Building Brain can typically save users 18% on their energy bills; sometimes much more. By ensuring rooms are only heated or cooled as needed, you’ll never again be (literally) burning unnecessary money.

Time Saving & Staff Retention

Building Brain is the ultimate efficiency platform. It ensures your staff not only have all they need at their fingertips, when they need it, but that many tasks ‘just happen’ for them in the background.

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