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Building Brain optimises every touch point between user and office
space. It drives efficiency for space owners, and improves experiences
for users.

Building Brain for Business


Space Management

Building Brain gives you all the tools needed to manage even the most complex of office locations (with pricing that also suits the smallest!).

Manage bookings, billing, access rights and get full workspace data visibility via the Building Brain platform.

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User Delight

Building Brain lets your users get much more out of every aspect of your office.

Timeline lets them see how they are using the space, every day.

Our tools let them optimise every office touch point.


Office Efficiency

Building Brain gives you the data you need to optimise how your office space is being used.

See time-lapse, heatmap and real-time data for who is where, when and specifics about the office (e.g. heat, light) at that same time.

Building Brain for Individuals


Office in your Pocket

Building Brain puts all you’d ever need in your office in the palm of your hand.

Once you begin using Building Brain it makes no difference if you work from home, out on the road or in your *actual* office. Paper documents; digital files: Even your desk phone become part of the Building Brain system.


Nearby Desks & Rooms

When you are out of the office, use Building Brain to select and book the meeting room or hotdesk that is best for you.

No more squating in Starbucks or creeping into Costa. Find the most appropriate ‘home from home’ when you’re out and about, and of course with the Building Brain system your documents are always with you.


Your Work Timeline

At a glance see where you were when, working on what, with whom.

The Building Brain timeline brings the convenience and ‘real time’ life-logging of a social network style timeline to your workplace allowing you to share experiences and collaborate better with colleagues.

Building Brain Features

Web Based Control Panel

Web Based Control Panel

iOS & Android App

iOS & Android App

Building-centric App Store

Building-centric App Store

  • Find a Colleague
  • Work Timeline
  • Room Booking
  • Desk Booking
  • Co-Working Support
  • Fully Featured API
  • Office Directory
  • Guest Access & Groups
  • Full Communications Suite
  • Workplace Management Data
  • Check Ins
  • Dedicated Support Team

How We Work & Pricing

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Building Brain installations pay

Select Your Package

For Individuals
  • Timeline
  • Room & desk booking
  • Book Nearby Desk Space
  • Checkins
For Individuals
$25per year
  • All of Free plus:
  • Enhanced data & reporting
  • Find a Colleague
For Business
$50per location per year
  • Workspace Management
  • Data & Reporting
  • Space Marketplace
  • Profile Management
BB for companies
Data & Discovery
$100per location per month
  • All of 'Directory' plus:
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • View individual user data
  • Customisation Available
  • Smart building options



Custom Pack for Companies
$2500one-time, for all app versions combined
  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • Web App




All in your company colours: Your custom BB app on iTunes or Google Play!


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Close Additional Option

Smart Building App Platform

  • Fully extensible platform
  • Wide range of building and context centric apps
  • Custom apps for your unique use-cases
  • Easy access for third party developers

Developer building contextually relevant software? Contact Us.

Building Brain Communications Suite

Building Brain has a comprehensive communications suite. This allows easy contact with colleagues and meeting invitees, as well as more seamless communications whether colleagues are working on site or from home.

The communications suite also provides support for external meetings, so full recording and external access to meetings from both web browser and smartphone app.


Get Started Now

Building Brain Quickly Saves you Money

Time Tracking

Get a feel for who is where, when. Set up alerts so you know who's in the office, and how days are being spent. Transparency like never before.

Energy Efficiency

Building Brain can typically save users 18% on their energy bills; sometimes much more. By ensuring rooms are only heated or cooled as needed, you’ll never again be (literally) burning unnecessary money.

Time Saving & Staff Retention

Building Brain is the ultimate efficiency platform. It ensures your staff not only have all they need at their fingertips, when they need it, but that many tasks ‘just happen’ for them in the background.

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